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MAX Nutro MAX CAT Adult Cat Food - Chicken Flavor

Natural IngredientsVitamins & MineralsReal chicken proteinShiny coat, less sheddingAntioxidants for a healthy immune systemRecommended for adult cats one year or olderMade in the USA
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Questions & Answers for MAX Nutro MAX CAT Adult Cat Food - Chicken Flavor


What kind of kibbles are Nutro? What size are they?

1 of my cats is Siamese. After reading online I have pinpointed her problem to a tee - she eats too fast and ends up regurgitating. With my research I'm learning that she needs something that will make her chew and force her to eat slower. A picture on another website looks like they are small.
asked 4 years, 2 months ago
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on Nutro MAX CAT Adult Cat Food - Chicken Flavor
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answer 1
Not reall uh small but I also have cat with same issue.. I use this and Blu buffalo for sensitive stomach which keep the throw up to a minimum
answered 6 months ago
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just north of NYC
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