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Nature's Recipe Nature's Recipe Adult Cat Food Trays

All natural formulas served in savory brothAll the protein and minerals your cat needs to stay healthyBrown rice is an easily digestible carbohydrate
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Questions & Answers for Nature's Recipe Nature's Recipe Adult Cat Food Trays


What are the carbohydrates in the wet food? I have a diabetic cat that can't have very many carbs.

asked 2 years, 5 months ago
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san antonio, tx
on Nature's Recipe Adult Cat Food Trays
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answer 1
When my dog developed diabetes, I started researching and there isn't much information on the amount of carbs and sugars in either canned or dry food. Pet food companies tend to focus on the protein in their diets.

So, I ended up going with a mix of raw and canned food. When I had entirely weened him of the dry food, his glucose levels at their highest, dropped about 250 points. I don't think I will ever feed my pets dry food again. I would like to eventually remove the canned food entirely, but if I didn't have the ability to feed him a raw diet, I would go completely canned. I feed him a couple of different brands of canned food, but I usually feed the Pro Plan food and he is doing great.

Hope this helps and good luck with your kitty.
answered 2 months, 2 weeks ago
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answer 2
hi there! my cat has diabetes, and we have had great success feeding her merrick bg food. here is the breakdown.

Merrick BG, all 3.2 oz. cans

Beef: 12.91 protein, 7.57 fat, .28 carbs, .18 phosophorous, .40 fiber, 77.25 water, 1.58 ash, .17 calcium; 846 kcal/kg (calculated) - a 3.2 oz can provides 76 kcal (calories) of matabolizable energy (calculated)

Chicken: 9.99 protein, 9.06 fat, .68 carbs, .39 phosphorous, .10 fiber, 77.43 water, 2.77 ash, .60 calcium; 984 kcal/kg (calculated) - a 3.2 oz can provides 89 kcal (calories) of matabolizable energy (calculated).

Quail and Chicken: 11.03 protein, 9.21 fat, .52 carbs, .60 phosphorous, <1% fiber, 75.71 water, 3.52 ash, .95 calcium; 859 kcal/kg (calculated) - a 3.2 oz can provides 79 kcal (calories) of matabolizable energy (calculated).

Salmon: 9.48 protein, 9.47 fat, .67 carbs, .67 phosphorous, <1% fiber, 77.26 water, 3.11 ash, .82 calcium; 890kcal/kg (calculated) - a 3.2 oz can provides 80 kcal (calories) of matabolizable energy (calculated).

Tuna: 11.34 protein, 7.68 fat, .54 carbs, .48 phosphorous, <1% fiber, 77.44 water, 3.01 ash, .72 calcium; 909 kcal/kg (calculated) - a 3.2 oz can provides 82 kcal (calories) of matabolizable energy (calculated).

Turkey: 11.58 protein, 10.22 fat, .68 carbs, .23 phosphorous, <1% fiber, 75.75 water, 1.77 ash, .23 calcium; 945 kcal/kg (calculated) - a 3.2 oz can provides 85 kcal (calories) of matabolizable energy (calculated).
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answered 2 years, 5 months ago
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eureka, california
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Can you order a mixed case of cat food, rather than all of the same kind?

asked 1 year, 8 months ago
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on Nature's Recipe Adult Cat Food Trays
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