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K&H K&H Cool Beds III in Gray

Designed with a cool core that diverts the liquid throughout the bed for advanced cooling powerCooling dog bed requires no electricitySimple to use, fill water through the easy fill cap and your pet instantly has relief from the heatMade of non-toxic materials
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Questions & Answers for K&H K&H Cool Beds III in Gray


How big of a problem is leaking with the K & H cooling beds?

I am considering a K & H cooling bed for my dog (Husky/Shepard, 103lbs.) but am concerned about leaking problems as this would be used indoors. If I could get the opinion of those who own or have owned one of these beds I would really appreciate it. thanx!
asked 3 years ago
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on K&H Cool Beds III in Gray
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I had trouble with the big one leaking after maybe having it for 3 months. I tried to contact the company to see what could be done about it, but got no response at all through email. That being said....I have a 70 pound heavy boy and he loved that cooling bed, so the next summer I bought him a smaller one. This one came with a raised bed it hangs from, which Jack didn't appreciate, so I just laid it on the floor, but he's all over it and he needs it in Texas! This one hasn't leaked at all and I'm very happy with it. After a good walk or play outside, he's one hot boy and loves to come inside and plop right down on his til he cools off.
answered 1 year, 6 months ago
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Has anyone ever put one of the cooling beds in a car? I was wondering if the uneven lie affects it.

asked 7 months ago
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on K&H Cool Beds III in Gray
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