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HI My 10 year old lab needs glucosamine 800 mg twice a day for 4 - 6 weeks then once a day thereafter. Do you have a soft food tablet with this?
Recent Question:
Can you use this product by simply sprinkling it on their food or do you HAVE to mix it with water first?
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Extreme Dry Hair/Skin for a Golden Retreiver, which supplement would you recommend ?
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Do you have canned goat's milk Espilac? either in Torrington or Avon, CT
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Can you use this product by simply sprinkling it on their food or do you HAVE to mix it with water first?
Extreme Dry Hair/Skin for a Golden Retreiver, which supplement would you recommend ?
I need to know if this product affect the consistency of my dogs feces
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Customer Questions & Answers for
PETCO Petco Puppy Stage Vitamins

Supplies daily vitamins and minerals important to growing puppiesTime-release formula provides a balanced absorption on nutrientsBalanced support for growthTasty, chewable tablets
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Questions & Answers for PETCO Petco Puppy Stage Vitamins


Is this a once daily vitamin?

asked 4 years, 2 months ago
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on Petco Puppy Stage Vitamins
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2 answers
answer 1
no this is just a bag of sand. also i would not recommend getting any type of sand that has vitamins in it because of the chance of impaction, please do research about your pet and what it should be housed in before buying any product. it can mean the life of your pet.
answered 4 years ago
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answer 2
Yes, once daily- however it's up to you to know your pet's needs.That being said you may give a portion of it to your dog with each meal, or half 8 hours apart for those eating once daily..Some vitamins like Springtime's wafers can be used as training treats as well..the thing is to watch certain breeds total intake of each individual component/vitamin or in some forms, caloric component: for instance too much protein isn't good ( particular to smaller dogs that are prone to "eye staining"), nor is too much vit.E, and B vitamins make make a puppy overactive. Vitamin B's not utilized metabolically are excreted through the urine - provided their system ( endocrine:kidneys in particular) is working well.So the owner must monitor each pet's total intake of any dietary component - particularly when giving them supplements.Ordinarily a pet should get all their nutrituonal requirements met with a healthy diet after which nothing needs to be added save for the occassional week of yogurt every quarter to keep their intestinal tract clen ( and will also reverse bad breath in older , or inactive and confined dogs- meaning dogs "confined" to a pen, travelcage or apartment if the owner(s) work all day-*.So always read the contents of anything they ingest .If you choose to split a "dose" divide the vitamin or dietary component ( protein, sugars,salt, soluble fiber,etc.) by meals taken in a 24 hour period and over a 24 hour period to get their total intake of each element in the vitamin blend, pet food , or supplement formulation and then adjust it to a recommended or perscribed level.If you are feeding your pet a gel type vitamin you can take a ribbon , say , half an inch long, and dissolve it in say 1/4 c. of water and administer it in two or three equal "shots" either in their food, as a gravy, or as a drink.It should be refrigerated if possible while holding it until the following meal,and never stoire the dilution more than 12 hours or the efficacy may bb afected adversely- we don't want the pet to get useless or diminished vitamins! Also sotre any unused portion away fromdirect, concentrated sunlight : some vitamins are photo-sensitive and can give other than the desired results

answered 4 years ago
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new orleans
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