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is this made of pine, and if so-can i use it w my boas?
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Zoo Med Floating Aquarium Log

Provides security, comfort, and stress reduction for fish and other aquatic petsFloats just at the surface so that fish can swim inside, and bottom weighting prevents rolling over if newts or mudskippers climb on topConvenient feeding hole on top of aquarium log provides interactive fun for fish and keepers alikeWatch your pets sleep, play, feed, and spawn inside of the log
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Can I put my aqautic turtle in the same tank as my platys? I have a 55 gal tank and my turtle is about 6 inches.

asked 3 years, 1 month ago
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on Zoo Med Floating Aquarium Log
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1 answer
answer 1
If you're really attached to those platys; I wouldn't recommend it, since the turtle is likely to at least try to eat the fish. Turtles create a whole lot more waste than the wee fishies, too.

Unless you're very experienced with keeping both animals types, and are good with filters and McGuyver-ing tank equipment, I might hold off.

I suggest going through the forums at Wet Web Media's website so you can read about other people's experiences. :)
answered 3 years ago
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Redmond, WA
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