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My dog has diabetes. Alot of joint health products say to use caution in dogs with diabetes. Would this have any affect on this?
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what are the differences in the levels in the suppliments?
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If I crush time release chewable tabs, do I risk over dosing my dog? Will crushing into a powder destroy the time release function?
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I have a jack russell Rudy is 13 years old he has stiff joints and is limping ater walks
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Cosequin Cosequin Bonelets Plus Hip & Joint Support Dog Supplement

Advanced joint support to keep healthy dogs activeTasty liver flavor dogs loveManufactured following standards similar to the pharmaceutical industryCan be feed as a treat or crumbled and mixed with food#1 veterinarian recommended joint health supplement
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Questions & Answers for Cosequin Cosequin Bonelets Plus Hip & Joint Support Dog Supplement


I have two Bichons-one 13 mo and one 9 mo. My 9 mo old has a bad hip, and surgery is expected after she turns 1

Based on her x-ray, it appears my 9 mo old's bad hip is genetic. I am interested in providing joint care for both. Is this product, or another, a good choice? My vet recommended Dasquin Chews -- also - what's the difference between Dasquin and Cosequin?
asked 2 years ago
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on Cosequin Bonelets Plus Hip & Joint Support Dog Supplement
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2 answers
answer 1
I give these bonelets to my 10 year old pug that has really bad arthritis in her shoulders and hips. It really does wonders with her. The nice thing about the bonelets is that the doseage is based on weight which makes it easy to give them the proper amount and they love the flavor. I really don't know what the difference is between the Dasquin and Cosequin except maybe the name. Sorry I couldn't help with that. Good luck with your baby.
answered 1 year ago
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Hay Springs, NE
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answer 2
Bless your babies--so young! My vet rec Dasquin Chews as well. My dogs did not like the taste.I actually didn't stick with it long enough to see any results.Try your own research. I am quite happy with NaturVet Joint Health Liquid.
answered 2 years ago
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Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain
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