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I have a 5 gallon tank so what size would I need for a replacement filter?
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Where is this product manufactured from?
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What does "phosphate buffered" freshwater mean? Could it mean Argonite buffered?
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Where would I put this in my Fluval FX5???
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I have a Petco undergravel filtration system, but you no longer carry the replacement cartirges so what do I use in place of them?
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So how much of this product would I need to use if I used it in a 5 gallon tank setup?
Difference btwn this and Fluval External Power Filter Media?
If I use this product in my tank of goldfish, will I be able to put an armored pleco in with it to help control the algae growth?
Is this the price for a single unit or a package of three?

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Tetra Tetra Replacement Carbon Filters for EX Filtration Systems

Course layer - Removes larger particulatesActivated Carbon - Rapidly removes odor, discoloration, impurities and toxins leaving your water clear, healthy and polishedMulti-density layer - Specially designed to capture a full range of particulates giving you unmatched water clarityMade in the USA
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Questions & Answers for Tetra Tetra Replacement Carbon Filters for EX Filtration Systems


will you match better price i found on net?

found a 4 pack of filters for $7.38
Whisper EX Carbon Filter - Large - 4 pk. - Assembled - Round
asked 2 years, 4 months ago
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on Tetra Replacement Carbon Filters for EX Filtration Systems
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Sorry for not answering your question, but it'll save you more money if you make a DIY filter. All you need is a piece of foam and filter media. You can search on YouTube and it is fairly simple. Although it may cost you a bit for the filter media, they last for significantly longer time than the store-made filter. Besides, I found 500g worth of zeolite media on sale for $5.99 just yesterday at my nearest Petco shop.
answered 2 years, 4 months ago
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Annandale, VA
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