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I am looking for replacement filter cartridges for my fish tank. SKU is 1531891. I am not finding it on your website. Can you help?
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what are the dimensions on this filter
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What micron are these bags?
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Does anyone know the dimensions of the large filter cartidges?
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regarding aquamesh filter media, what is the stage 1 or 2 or 3 progressive?
I need to know how many are in a pkg. and how much the refills for these are?
I have a PETCO Bookshelf 6.6 gallon aquarium. A corresponding filter is not available in stores. Please tell me EXACTLY what filter to buy.
Why do these filters only last about 1 week?
Isn't there a larger economy pack of the whisper x-large bio bags?

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Tetra Tetra Replacement Carbon Filters for EX Filtration Systems

Course layer - Removes larger particulatesActivated Carbon - Rapidly removes odor, discoloration, impurities and toxins leaving your water clear, healthy and polishedMulti-density layer - Specially designed to capture a full range of particulates giving you unmatched water clarityMade in the USA
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Questions & Answers for Tetra Tetra Replacement Carbon Filters for EX Filtration Systems


will you match better price i found on net?

found a 4 pack of filters for $7.38
Whisper EX Carbon Filter - Large - 4 pk. - Assembled - Round
asked 2 years, 8 months ago
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on Tetra Replacement Carbon Filters for EX Filtration Systems
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Sorry for not answering your question, but it'll save you more money if you make a DIY filter. All you need is a piece of foam and filter media. You can search on YouTube and it is fairly simple. Although it may cost you a bit for the filter media, they last for significantly longer time than the store-made filter. Besides, I found 500g worth of zeolite media on sale for $5.99 just yesterday at my nearest Petco shop.
answered 2 years, 8 months ago
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Annandale, VA
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