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What size Heat Eminator should I get for a 40 gallon tank? This is for a Chinese Water Dragon.
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what is the CRI of this bulb?
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What is the percentage (%) UVB, and does it produce UVA?
Will this clamp onto a terrarium with a lid on it?
Is the white bulb for the day and black one for night? can they be turned on seperately.Do they provide heat and regular light?

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Zilla Zilla Night Red Heat Incandescent Bulb

Provides 24-hour ambient heat source for your petReptile heat lamp helps keep your pet happy and healthyWorks as a nocturnal heat lamp for night time viewingRed light will not disturb your reptile’s day/night cyclesIdeal for tropical and desert habitats
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Questions & Answers for Zilla Zilla Night Red Heat Incandescent Bulb


Which is better, this one or the black one?

Which lasts longer, which is warmer, and which is less disturbing to the lizard? Thanks
asked 3 years, 4 months ago
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on Zilla Night Red Heat Incandescent Bulb
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answer 1
The red one is better than the black one it's more like the moons rays than the black
answered 2 years, 11 months ago
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