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Do this plant require UV light to glow in the dark?
Recent Question:
Would this fit in a 2.5 gallon tank?
Recent Question:
will this fit in a aquarium 1.7 gallon?
Recent Question:
Can lace rock be used in a new salt water tank, primarily used for marine hermit crabs?
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Does it affect or change the pH or other water chemistry?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
What are the measurements for this piece? It only says 3" diameter. Is that the diameter of each tube opening?
will this fit in a aquarium 1.7 gallon?
Has anyone ever had any problems with using this in a betta fish tank? Any issues with paint coming off, or rough edges being a problem etc.?
Is this item too big for a small tank?

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Petco Large Tree Log Aquatic Décor

Natural looking tree log adds an authentic look to aquariumIncludes swim through holes for added funPerfectly sized for large freshwater tanksMade of non-toxic, fish-safe materials and colorsDécor provides shelter and hiding places fish need to help reduce stress
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Questions & Answers for PETCO Petco Large Tree Log Aquatic Décor


can this decor be used in a saltwater aquarium that will include live rock/sand

asked 3 years, 5 months ago
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norwich conn.
on Petco Large Tree Log Aquatic Décor
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