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Dental Fresh Dental Fresh for Dogs & Cats

Helps keep teeth white & deodorizes bad breathProven to help remove built-up tartar & plaqueMakes professional cleaning faster, easier, and gentlerRegular use helps ensure pets' optimal oral health
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Questions & Answers for Dental Fresh Dental Fresh for Dogs & Cats


I have 2 dogs that drink out of the same bowl. One drinks much more than the other. Will it hurt my lab if he drinks too much Dental Fresh?

My dogs are significant different in size. One is a minature dachshund and the other is a yellow lab, both have tarter
asked 8 months ago
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on Dental Fresh for Dogs & Cats
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I always defer to the company and to the vet but, if you are using the Dental Fresh according to directions, the dogs are going to get the same amount as they would if they had separate bowls. Your mini will always drink less than the your lab.
answered 5 months, 4 weeks ago
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Is this product the same as the "Dental Fresh for Dogs"?

I know that the obvious difference is that that the other product's name doesnt contain "and cats", but is there another difference? I noticed the ingredients listed are different, so will that affect the effectiveness of the product? The "Dental Fresh for Dogs" comes in 33 oz size, and if the products are the same, this 1 gallon size price is a WAY bigger bang for the buck. So are both products the same? I would like to buy the "Dental Fresh for Dogs and Cats" (this one), but if its not as effective as the "Dental Fresh for Dogs"(the 33 oz one), I won't. So are they the same thing, just different size/name? Or what?
asked 2 years, 6 months ago
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on Dental Fresh for Dogs & Cats
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Yes, all the Dental Fresh products in their various sizes are all the same thing. The SynergyLabs mfg website lists the ingredients as

Stabalized Cholrine Dioxide?.0.1%, stabilized with Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

Funny, I just got back from Petco and was dumbfounded that the 8-oz Dental Fresh in the cat area was $7.99, yet the more than twice the size 17-oz Dental Fresh in the dog area was only $2 more. So I bought the dog labeled one for my cat.
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answered 1 year, 11 months ago
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seattle, wa
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Will my water filter filter out the product?

I don't want to buy this if it would just be filtered out... But I'd really like for my cats to have fresh breath without giving up their filtered water.
asked 8 months ago
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on Dental Fresh for Dogs & Cats
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