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Zilla Zilla White & Red Incandescent Heat Lamp Value Pack

Two pack includes a day white and a night red lampDay white provides a focused basking spotNight red provides ambient heat for 24-hour temperature control
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Questions & Answers for Zilla Zilla White & Red Incandescent Heat Lamp Value Pack


is this ok for a ball python? and can i put them in the zoo med mini light combo?

please give feedback asap
asked 1 year, 8 months ago
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on Zilla White & Red Incandescent Heat Lamp Value Pack
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It worked well for my ball python until they burned out, which was less than a year of use. These light bulbs are safe for any lamp that can with hold the Wattage of the bulbs. As long as your lamp is safe for 100W, then you can use them. If your lamp is shallow, the white bulb will stick out quite a bit and the red one might a little bit. If you keep the lamp on top of your cage, the protruding bulbs may make it hard for the lamp to stand up on its own without the risk of falling over. However, if your lamp is hung from a stand, it should not matter. I have the ZooMed Combo Deep Dome Dual Lamp and the bulbs do not hang out. I can peacefully rest the lamp on top of my cage.
answered 1 year, 7 months ago
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Manhattan, IL
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