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What kind of lightbulb do I need to buy with this lamp, or is light bulb included?
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help! how do i use the dimmer on the Fluker Clamp Lamp,i doing more reading up on turtal care an read about dimmer had help no more box...
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Is the "60 watt - Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters – Ceramic Heat Lamp appropriate for a 10 gallon tank housing hermit crabs?
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Which is the voltage 110v or 240v ?
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What is the color temperature and color rendering index of the bulb?
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I have a green iguana how do i tell her age and what is the night bulb i should use for her
Just bought T8 Flourescent bulb replacement. What's the trick for getting old one out and putting new one in?
Can I use the Zilla Mini Halogen Bulbs for heat for a Emperor Scorpion tank and if so which one is best?
Can a 18'' fluorescent fish tank light give of enough UV rays for a tropical 10 gallon lizard habitat??

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Zilla Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Spot Bulbs

Provides a focused, 24-hour heat source for your reptile’s habitatIdeal for creating basking areasUse in a nocturnal heat lamp for nighttime viewingPerfect for observing your pet’s natural nocturnal behaviorsLizard heat lamp bulb is ideal for both tropical and desert habitats
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Questions & Answers for Zilla Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Spot Bulbs


How does the Zilla Night Lamp compare to the ZooMed Infrared Heat Lamp?

I am currently using ZooMed's infrared ruby heat lamp for my guineas. They are in an Open-Sided Guinea Pig Habitat, rather than a terrarium. The red colored heat lamp @75 W. is sufficient to keep them warm on winter nights. but is still rather bright. I need LESS light, but the SAME amount of HEAT.
asked 2 years, 4 months ago
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Ridgecrest, CA.
on Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Spot Bulbs
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