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Pro Plan Pro Plan Focus Weight Management Canned Cat Food

Complete and balanced nutritionFor overweight or less active cats with an optimal protein levelHelps cats lose fat, not musclePackaged in easy-open, flip-top cans
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Questions & Answers for Pro Plan Pro Plan Focus Weight Management Canned Cat Food


Contents and calorie content of Purina Pro Plan Weight Mgmt formula?

How much do I decrease the daily serving of dry food to compensate for adding a small amount of canned food, say 2 tablespoons per day? Usual daily consumption is 3/4 cup of dry food. Need to cut back by 10% for weight mgmt.
asked 3 years ago
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on Pro Plan Focus Weight Management Canned Cat Food
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i think its depending on the type of food, ususally the amount will be listed on the bag. I'm feeding BG, and they say that to reduce 1/4 cup dry food for feeding every 3oz of their 100% meat can. if i were you, i wouldn't care about that little amount of difference.
Best Answer
answered 3 years ago
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Eugene, OR
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My cat is eating Purina veterinary DM dietetic management food from the vet for his weight control. Is there something else that is less expensive

asked 1 year, 1 month ago
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on Pro Plan Focus Weight Management Canned Cat Food
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I would check out cat food that is grain free and human grade. I was very disappointed with the ingredients in the expensive vet recommended cat food. You cat might feel more satisfied with less of a quality grain free cat food and remain healthier too. Check out Wellness, Halo's Spot Stew for Cats, and Evangers. They all offer different grain free flavors (grains have carbs cats don't really need) using human grade products. These foods aren't cheap either but at least it is healthy.
answered 1 year ago
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Las Vegas, NV
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