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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
We dont have fleas, he is an indoor cat. He hasnt been outside ever. How did he get tapeworms?
Recent Question:
I'm confused about the Sentry Sure Shot dewormer for cats, do I just give one dose, or is this a daily treatment?
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how can I get this onto my reorder?
Recent Question:
5 kittens - don't know how old...
Recent Question:
what do we treat pinworms with in our 2 year old cat?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How can I tell if my cat has hookworm or tapeworm?
my kitten has ringworm what dhould i use. its spreading. also his nose became blackened and rough however this has not affected his actovity or apetit
I bought the tradewinds tape worm tabs for my cats. However, I am unclear as to how many pills to administer at one time?
My kitten has fleas. Is it automatic that I should treat for tapeworms?
Is this a tablet they would eat on their own? My one kitten just got a shot but I can't catch the other one to take in.

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Sergeant's Vetscription Sure Shot Cat Liquid Wormer

Safely removes roundwormsGreat for both cats & kittensDelicious fish flavor your cat will loveCan be added to food for easy administering
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Questions & Answers for Sergeant's Sergeant's Vetscription Sure Shot Cat Liquid Wormer


On wormers. Can roundworm medicine kill tapeworms for my cat?

asked 3 years, 6 months ago
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on Sergeant's Vetscription Sure Shot Cat Liquid Wormer
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1 answer
answer 1
Round worms are different from tape worms. It is best to take your pet to the vet the establish if your cat actually has round worms or maybe even hook worms.
Tape worms look like tiny little grains of rice on your pets stool.
Best Answer
answered 3 years, 6 months ago
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i have a new cat i need to give him hes first shot . u do u guys do that at petco?
asked 2 years, 11 months ago
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los angeles
on Sergeant's Vetscription Sure Shot Cat Liquid Wormer
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