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is the tetra 900 gph uv clarifier (sku#1443887) submersible
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What filter do I use with this pump and what attachment do I need to add tubing for a waterfall
Recent Question:
i am looking for a filter for my fish pond which is about 135 to maybe 150 gallons i had a 5 and 1 which only lasted 2 yrs
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do you carry any pond cleaner(algae)that is not harmful to fish,plants,or animals that drink from ponds?
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Is water clarifier safe for a turtle tank?
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is this safe for dogs and cats drinking the treated water?
is the tetra 900 gph uv clarifier (sku#1443887) submersible
Does this kit also include testing for dissolved oxegen? If not what can I buy to test that?
how can you tell me how many gallon for hours lifegard aquatics base sku # 1554131?

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Tetra TetraPond Pond Filtration Fountain Kits

Complete pond fountain filtration for small to medium sized pondsPond fountain equipment assembly includes 3 fountain heads, adjustment valve and diverter assembly with fittingsMagnetic drive submersible water gardening pumpIncludes swivel adjuster for regulating flow to auxiliary water featuresPre-filter includes foam insert to reduce pump and fountain clogging
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Do I need to purchase additional tubing for the TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit? SKU 1360736

The description was confusing as it states that tubing is included, yet at the bottom there is a note:

Use with 1", 3/4" or 1/2" tubing.
asked 3 years, 4 months ago
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on TetraPond Pond Filtration Fountain Kits
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1 answer
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Tubing was furnished. However, I need to purchase a couple more feet for my application.
answered 8 months ago
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Renton, Washington
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