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Can the Zoo-Med ReptiSafe Cond. safely be used with the Micro-Lift R&S Cleaner and should they be used together in a red-eared turtles aquarium water?
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I have a baby veiled chameleon, and I was wondering if giving him this vitamin every other week would be okay?
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Can I use this with an iguana?
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Why won't my Leopard Gecko Eat?
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My crested gecko has nats or mites in it I just changed the substrate last week and they're still there. Who to I get ride of them?
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can i use this on my ball python and on her tank ?
would it be harmful to overdose this in a tank?
Is this product also safe for tropical fish?
Do i have to rinse it off

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Tetra TetraFauna AquaSafe Reptile & Amphibian Water Conditioner

Makes tap water safe for aqua-terrariumsComplete formula works in secondsNeutralizes chlorine & chloraminesIdeal for aquatic turtles, amphibians, snakes, lizards & ornamental fish
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do frogs have any contages dieses?

asked 3 years ago
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on TetraFauna AquaSafe Reptile & Amphibian Water Conditioner
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