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Customer Questions & Answers for
Beneful Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight Formula

Weight management dog food with 10% fewer calories than Original formulaHelps your dog achieve and maintain a healthy weight100% complete and balanced nutritionMoist chewy chunks with real chicken, rice, soy and vitamin-rich vegetablesHolds your dog’s interest with great taste, mixed textures, and combination of unique shapesBeneful dog food is produced in facilities in the USA
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Questions & Answers for Beneful Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight Formula


Do you sell the Beneful at the Petco stores?

asked 3 years, 3 months ago
Customer Avatar
Avon Lake, Ohio
on Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight Formula
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3 answers
answer 1
Yes, our local Petco stores as well as the nationwide stores sell a variety of Beneful foods.
answered 1 year, 10 months ago
Customer Avatar
Weslaco, Tx
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answer 2
I did purchase Beneful at petco till our dog trainer told us that it is rated as only 17 with other brands over 100 with regards to nutrition. Dogs like beneful because it is all sugars she continued. We changed to natural balance for our 4 dogs and they like it.
answered 2 years, 10 months ago
Customer Avatar
marion station MD
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answer 3
Yes, they carry it in the stores, I just bought a 30 pound bag the other day.
answered 3 years ago
Customer Avatar
Northern Virginia
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what's the crude fat (max) purina healthy weight

our shelty sheperd mix went from 37 lbs.when we got her 9 mos. ago to 47 lbs. now. We switched her from purina EN, which our vet said she didn't need to purina pro plan, which has a fat content of 16% as to 10 % for EN. What's the difference between purina healthy weight & purina light & healthy dig food?
asked 1 year ago
Customer Avatar
san diego
on Beneful Adult Dog Food Healthy Weight Formula
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