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My cat has rolling skin on spin and wondered what calming product would work best to alieviate the problem
Recent Question:
I understand this product is safe for humans, but what about pregnancy and a fetus? Has it been proven to be safe?
Recent Question:
What can I use on a female cat in heat to cover her scent from our male cat?
Recent Question:
Is this product made in USA? if not, where it made from?
Recent Question:
I am going away for a week and have a friend staying and looking after my cat.
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Why is Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway for Cats $24.98 online, but $49 in the brick and mortar store?
I am going away for a week and have a friend staying and looking after my cat.
Does this product help soothe your cat just when the product is used?
Regarding pheremone therapy, should the plug-in be placed near tHe litter box? The Litter box is in the basement and the cats seem reluctant to use it
Is pretty expensive but I need something bad my cat keep scratching my furniture and we just bought new ones my husband is not having it!!

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NaturVet Quiet Moments Cat Calming Aid

Helps reduce stressIdeal for grooming, traveling, fireworks or boardingTastes like a treatEasy to feed, simply feed directly from finger or put in bowl
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Questions & Answers for NaturVet NaturVet Quiet Moments Cat Calming Aid


Can you also use this for a dog?

we only have the cat suppliment and we would like to know if we coulld also use it for a dog since have none and how much?
asked 3 years, 2 months ago
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on NaturVet Quiet Moments Cat Calming Aid
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