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I have carbon in my canister filter, it last 6 months, how long does this last? I am thinking about changing to this product instead of carbon.
Recent Question:
What is the mineral content?
Recent Question:
what is the difference between this one and Petco Real Ocean Water? Which one is better?
Recent Question:
If i use this ocean water, after water evaporation, do i add back ocean water or fresh water?
Recent Question:
If i only use this ocean water for my whole 65 gallon tank at the beginning. After water evaporation, can i add this ocean water or just fresh water?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How long should i use Prime before i can tell it is helping my tank.
Does this product use RO/DI water mix with salt? or just use tap water mix with salt?
Can I use the same fish tank ?
Would this be safe for Hermit Crabs?
Do I ever need to test this water?

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Instant Ocean Instant Ocean Reef Crystals

Effectively serves as synthetic aquarium salt for reef aquariumsContains essential ocean reef elements in greater concentrations than natural sea saltFormulated with extra calcium and trace elements to encourage growth of corals, anemones, invertebrates and coralline algaeFrom a trusted authority in salt water aquarium supplies - Instant OceanMade in the USA
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Questions & Answers for Instant Ocean Instant Ocean Reef Crystals


might this be helpful in small quantity to promote african cichlid health?

asked 3 years, 10 months ago
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on Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
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No, this product is used for salt water fish and corals. It would kill your fresh water Cichlids. Look for fresh water salts.
answered 11 months ago
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