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Preffered Merchandizing The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop

No-sift peaked blades lift only wasteClean litter stays in the litter boxStrong, durable plastic constructionStrong scraper for heavy messes
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Questions & Answers for Preffered Merchandizing The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop


What is the best scoop to use when you use paper pellets inside of regular litter?

asked 2 years, 9 months ago
Customer Avatar
Portland, OR
on The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop
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3 answers
answer 1
See my review of Litter-Lifter. I would think the other types I mentioned might be better. I used a similar litter once and if I remember you would want to get all the litter in a used spot and not sift it. If this is the case I would suggest a scoop with flat ribs on top.
answered 4 months, 1 week ago
Customer Avatar
Pomona, CA
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answer 2
I used to use yesterdays news and then switched to pine pellets from a local feed store. Same concept but pine pellets are a LOT cheaper. With pelleted litter you are best to just toss the whole contents of the box each week or when it starts to smell. If I were you I would switch to pine pellets or wood stove pellets for the cost savings. Same function, but the pine is better with odor, absorbency and cost.
Best Answer
answered 8 months ago
Customer Avatar
spring tx
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answer 3
The Orginal Litter-Lifter
answered 2 years, 6 months ago
Customer Avatar
Ruston, LA
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