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Recent Question:
I have carbon in my canister filter, it last 6 months, how long does this last? I am thinking about changing to this product instead of carbon.
Recent Question:
What is the mineral content?
Recent Question:
what is the difference between this one and Petco Real Ocean Water? Which one is better?
Recent Question:
If i use this ocean water, after water evaporation, do i add back ocean water or fresh water?
Recent Question:
If i only use this ocean water for my whole 65 gallon tank at the beginning. After water evaporation, can i add this ocean water or just fresh water?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How long should i use Prime before i can tell it is helping my tank.
Does this product use RO/DI water mix with salt? or just use tap water mix with salt?
Can I use the same fish tank ?
Would this be safe for Hermit Crabs?
Do I ever need to test this water?

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Zoo Med Power Sweep Automatic Self-Rotating Powerhead Wavemaker 228

Cool clear flywheel housing is a Petco exclusive designFor reef tanks, live plant tanks, community tanks and undergravel filtersPre-filter and deluxe mounting bracket includedImproves underground filtrationFor fresh or saltwater use
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Questions & Answers for Zoo Med Zoo Med Power Sweep Automatic Self-Rotating Powerhead Wavemaker 228


do I need more then one zoo power pump for a 55 gal. tank

asked 2 years, 9 months ago
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on Zoo Med Power Sweep Automatic Self-Rotating Powerhead Wavemaker 228
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