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shoo!Tag shoo!Tag Cat Flea Repellent

Electromagnetic flea barrier tagNatural flea repellent contains no chemicalsEffective for up to 4 monthsWaterproof & odorless
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Questions & Answers for shoo!Tag shoo!Tag Cat Flea Repellent


can i just buy one of these for each room instead of putting them on each cat?

I have 4 cats, one is wild and never lets me get near her. I was wondering if it was possible to buy one of these for each room and have it still be effective.
asked 9 months ago
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on shoo!Tag Cat Flea Repellent
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Why don't you try it out and let us all know how it works. It would depend on how big a cat's bio-energetic field is and how far away the tag is from the cat. It says it works only with the bio-energetic field of a cat and I have no idea how bid a cat's bio-magnetic field could be but i doubt it could be the size of a room. So it may not work just by putting it in the room as it maybe too far away from the cat's bio-energetic field most of the time. If can work work just by putting it in the room that would great!
answered 9 months ago
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