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Hi, I am interested in this but will I also need to purchase an airline?
Recent Question:
Could I put this in a hermit crabitat?
Recent Question:
What material are these made of?
Recent Question:
The details say the rocks are large but dont give even a size range. So my questions is how large is large?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How do I mount the aquarium background? Does it peel apart or is there a glue?
Would this background work on a 45-50 gallon tank?
What material are these made of?
What are the measurements for this piece? It only says 3" diameter. Is that the diameter of each tube opening?
Would this be good for a betta fish?

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Penn Plax Penn Plax Volcano Airstone Aquatic Ornament

Includes airstone to oxygenate the waterMade of non-toxic, fish-safe materials and colorsDécor provides shelter and hiding places fish need to help reduce stress
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Questions & Answers for Penn Plax Penn Plax Volcano Airstone Aquatic Ornament


does this take a hose for the bubbles, and is there anyway to make colored bubbles?

asked 1 year ago
Customer Avatar
las vegas
on Penn Plax Volcano Airstone Aquatic Ornament
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Yes, it does need a hose. And there is a red LED light available. It is the Hydor H2Show Red LED Aquarium light and works quite well.
answered 5 months, 4 weeks ago
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Cogan Station, PA
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