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Insight Insight ActiviToys Mirrored Barbell Bird Toy

Shiny mirror and bells will attract instant attentionPlaying & exercising promotes health and well-beingEasily connects to your bird's cageIdeal for parakeets, cockatiels & other birds of similar size
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Questions & Answers for Insight Insight ActiviToys Mirrored Barbell Bird Toy


are these good for quiet budgies?

my grandmas dad has a budgie and when i come its quiet.
asked 8 months ago
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on Insight ActiviToys Mirrored Barbell Bird Toy
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This is a very great simple toy so if the budgie isn't a big fan of chewing this would be good. I would recommend a toy that the budge can chew but if he/she doesn't like to chew then this is fine :)
answered 1 month, 4 weeks ago
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San Jose,Ca
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