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Fluval Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Silver

Stylish and contemporary 6-gallon small aquariumPowerful and efficient 21-LED lighting system7600K high luminosity LEDs are suitable for aquatic plants3-Position On/Off switch: Bright Daytime, Deep Blue Nighttime and OffLow voltage power supply increases safetySealed glass top provides spectacular high definition viewing and reduces evaporation for less aquarium tank maintenanceEquipped with powerful, easy-to-use EDGE filter with CycleGuard and 3 stage filtration to ensure clear water and a healthy environment2 year warranty
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Questions & Answers for Fluval Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Silver


What heater works well with this?

asked 2 years ago
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on Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Silver
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I hung a heater on the back wall and fished the wires through the tower so they would be hidden. If I buy a second EDGE I will find the tiniest heater on the market and put it inside the filter where it won't be visible.
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answered 1 year, 6 months ago
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