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Most Recent Questions
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Is there a way for me to get a replacement part?
Recent Question:
Why is this listed as an adult cat furniture piece? Can it accommodate a large cat?
Recent Question:
Recent Question:
Any small cat trees/ condos/towers? My Bengal, Halia likes to be high? Any that are 6' tall x 17" sqare
Recent Question:
what are the platform sizes? how big is the tunnel opening?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
What is the length and width of the top perch?
Is there away to buy replacement platforms?
How tall is the scratching post? my cats are long and some posts are too short for them
will this also fit the the Premium Tree Terrace for Cats?

Customer Questions & Answers for
Trixie Montoro Cat Tree in Beige and Brown

Features multiple scratching posts, plush condo, platforms and ladderCondo in plush material is perfect for lounging and nappingNatural sisal scratching posts are the perfect outlet for your cat's natural scratching needsA great way to save your furniture and carpet from wear and tear
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Questions & Answers for Trixie Trixie Montoro Cat Tree in Beige and Brown


Why aren't the total heights on the condo's posted in the specs

And how is one supposed to determine which post is which to calculate the height?
The description is not very helpful at all.
Does this suggest that the item comes delivered in pieces that require assemby?
Other sites deliver fully assembled kitty condos at lower prices but I typically shop at PetSmart so I was trying to find one but given I can't determin the actual height, assembly, and lack of stability of the one perch I purchased back in May, I'm hesitant to order only to need to return the item
asked 1 year, 8 months ago
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on Trixie Montoro Cat Tree in Beige and Brown
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1 answer
answer 1
I found the total height listed in the specs on the PetCo website and thought the description and photos very helpful. The item is delivered unassembled, but I did not have any problems with assembly. I do feel the instructions could have been written better, but by following the diagram and looking at the photo on the box I did not encounter any real problems determining how to put it together or which posts went where. The total height is about 55" once assembled and I feel it is pretty sturdy. My cat jumps up into the side entrance of the cubby the climbs out thru the top, climbing up to the other platforms. She also sometimes jumps from the ottoman straight onto the platform second from the top. I must note that my tree is against a wall on one side because I have it located in front of a window so she can lay on the top and enjoy the view. But I have not had any stability issues with the new tree. We like it and I would recommend it. It is a great value for the price I paid.
answered 1 year, 7 months ago
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Irwin PA
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