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PETCO Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys

Constructed of shiny layers of colorful MylarCat ball has crinkly, crackly textureSuper light in weightMylar cat toys encourage exercise disguised as fun
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Questions & Answers for PETCO Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys


I have several of the colorful mylar balls and was wondering if the coloring is safe. my cat got one wet and the colors started bleeding.

asked 2 years, 3 months ago
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on Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys
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2 answers
answer 1
My cat has several of these (they are his favorite) and I often find them in the water dishes, and sometimes the bathtub. I have never seen the color bleed or fade in any way.
answered 2 years, 2 months ago
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answer 2
As a Chemist, I can report that Mylar "untouched meaning uncolored, unlaminated to any other films -a common use for high altitude balloons-, and undeposited upon by any metals -has other scientific and engineering uses" is a plastic (polymer developed by Dupont back in the 50's) film that is entirely waterproof. The fact that your colors bled indicates use of a water soluble coloring on they Mylar. While some water soluble colorings might not be good to ingest or get into mucus membranes, such as certain inks (certain pens, majority of inkjet printers), it is extrememly unlikely that a cat toy would be designed with such a coloring because it would be expected that a cat will often do way more than just bat such a toy around: they are likely to give it a bite now and then, and some cats might well soak it in saliva with some repeated mouth action. I can't imagine chewing on Mylar, never took the opportunity, and I suspect it would be a bit like chewing aluminum foil. Regardless, and as a pet owner, not a chemist, I would be confident of a product from PetCo. I certainly would take away any toy found bleeding color to let it dry. However, I wouldn't be concerned about the safely of any of my seventeen cats, even if I found a mouth discolored in some surprising way. Naturally, you have to decide on the safety aspects for your pets, but you have an opinion regarding what actions I would take with my own cats. I hope this helps. Best regards.
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answered 2 years, 3 months ago
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Phoenix, AZ
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1 inch mylar balls

I am looking for mini or extra small mylar balls for cats. Probably 1 inch, because the 1 1/2 are too big.
asked 1 year, 8 months ago
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on Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys
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answer 1
Try cutting the edges off of the bigger ones. In my experience they can be squished and get small after a few times playing with them. My kitten would probably swallow them whole if they were any smaller.
answered 1 year, 1 month ago
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San Luis Obispo, CA
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Have these been manufactured differently?

I have bought these balls several times but the last time I did, earlier this year, I noticed a change in them that I and my cat did not like. They used to be soft to squeeze and the foil edges were soft. The ones I most recently bought were very firm, and the edges were much sharper. Cat would not touch it. Have there being changes made in their manufacture?
asked 1 year ago
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on Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys
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