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Do the day lights provide both UVA and UVB light for the aquatic turtles?
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can the zoo med deluxe slider hood be used on a screen cover? also, how much does the 30" unit weight?
Recent Question:
i have a 55 gallon bearded dragon tank and i got the ZOOMED bearded dragon lamp combo and did not realize that the UVB was only 13 WATT can i use it
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How well does this actually illuminate at night ?
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Small or large version ?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How well does this actually illuminate at night ?
Does the lamp come with anchors to attach it to a wire cover?
Does this lamp fixture come with the lightbulbs?
DOes the 75 watt Infrared heat lamp includ a fixture or just the bulb?

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Zilla Zilla Light & Heat Combo Fixture

A combination of heat, visible light and essential UV light in one compact light fixtureDesigned to accommodate energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (sold separately)Includes 50 watt Night Red Heat Halogen Bulb
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i need a heat lamp that that dosent plug in

asked 2 years, 9 months ago
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on Zilla Light & Heat Combo Fixture
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