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Kaytee Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System

Easy to assemble and maintainTrap door system makes cleaning easier than ever Ideal size for a guinea pig cage or dwarf rabbit cageChew-proof latches keep pets safe and secureLarge front door and top door for easy accessIncludes easy-glide shelf, wavy ramp and food dish
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Questions & Answers for Kaytee Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System


my guinea pig wont get on the ramp of the kaytee home what do i do all he does is pull his food from the side of the ladder

asked 1 year, 3 months ago
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on Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System
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The ramp is a problem. My guinea pig had a hard time climbing the plastic ramp -- too slippery, I think. We tied strips of an old tshirt so that there was more traction. That helped. In the end, though, we just got rid of the shelf and the ramp.
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answered 10 months ago
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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Can I fit 2 Guinea pigs on a 30x18

I just purchased the Kaytee 30x18 Guinea Pig Home Plus Cage and I wanted to know if this size is good for two Guinea pigs? My space is limited so this is a great size, now we do have a place area for them to play everyday. At the moment I have two young piggies
asked 9 months ago
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Westchester, NY
on Kaytee Guinea Pig Home EZ Clean System
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