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Higgins Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Rabbit Food Mix

Premium gourmet small animal food loaded with natural goodnessContains fruits, vegetables, wholesome seeds, grains, nuts, legumes and much moreEnriched with DHA, balanced with Omega fatty acids as well as digestive probioticsNo artificial colors or preservativesGourmet blend offers more variety, nutrients and fun for your rabbitMade in the USA
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Questions & Answers for Higgins Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Rabbit Food Mix


Primary rabbit food?

Adult rabbit food should be made mostly of timothy hay. This seems like a great treat to mix a bit in with their pellets and/or hay, but in no way should this be a rabbit's primary pellet food, let alone its primary diet!
asked 10 months ago
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on Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Rabbit Food Mix
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