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does anyone else have problems with their birds not eating some pellets ?
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Higgins Higgins InTune Natural Food Mix for Conures & Cockatiels

Complete daily nutritionAntioxidant formula uses real fruits & vegetables with added vitamins & mineralsEnriched with DHA, balanced with Omega fatty acids as well as digestive probioticsNo artificial colors or preservativesFun shapes each represent a key InTune factor
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Questions & Answers for Higgins Higgins InTune Natural Food Mix for Conures & Cockatiels


I get moths with the Cockateil food, seeds. I'm told there are no moths with the this true?

asked 5 months, 3 weeks ago
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Herminie, PA
on Higgins InTune Natural Food Mix for Conures & Cockatiels
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Generally pelleted food does not get infested with meal moths as it probably goes through a process in the factory that kills the eggs (like heating to dry the pellets just before bagging).

Meal moths unfortunately infest seeds year round, so be sure to buy smaller quantities in the summer.
The pellets are more appealing to a meal moth because of the content, but I'm sure the seeds sit around long enough for the moths to lay eggs on them in the factory.

Feel free to ask if you may open the bag after purchase to check in store. I do this in the summer months, even buying outside of Petco because of the reputation the Meal Moths have with seeds.
Dont blame Petco for infested bags as this is a manufacturing problem.
answered 5 months, 1 week ago
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Do any of your products for birds contain pellets?

asked 1 year, 9 months ago
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on Higgins InTune Natural Food Mix for Conures & Cockatiels
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