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American American Jerky Riblets Dog Treats

Helps satisfy your dog's instinct to chewSavory taste for tail waggin' good timesResealable package keeps treats fresh and tasty
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Questions & Answers for American American Jerky Riblets Dog Treats


what are the ingredients in the American Jerky bison riblets? it says bison & natural flavorings. Could the natural flavorings have chicken in it?

My dog is allergic to chick and i need to make sure this does not have chicken. It does not say that it does and i have been giving this to him and now hes having terrible skin problems due to allergies. The only other food he gets is a limited ingredient bison food. Please let me know asap.
asked 1 year, 1 month ago
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on American Jerky Riblets Dog Treats
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answer 1
know what you mean about chicken lab mix has issues with chicken...but I have not had rash issues with the bison jerky, and have been feeding him several pieces morning and night. I don't know what the natural flavorings might be...but you are right to suspect them. also, I have had to switch my dog's primary dry food a couple times over his 9.5 years due to beef and grains being ingredients...over time bad things build up. after I went to Fromm's with salmon have had no issues with rashes for 2.5 years now. good luck to you and your doggie!
answered 3 months, 3 weeks ago
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Normal, IL
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answer 2
You need to be very careful, a lot of dog foods/treats have chicken byproducts that are hidden. Our dog has very bad allergies too (and had skin problems, major) to Chicken, so I found that I can give him the Merrick Lamb Filet/training treats. They are very rich so watch how many you give your dog. You met want to try freeze drying your own bison or venison meet, that way it is pure. They work very good for dogs with allergies and most skin issues are from tree pollen, grasses and of course chicken (in everything). Our dog can not have pork either.
answered 7 months ago
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if items is out of stock today while prices are 25% off, will we get the discount price when back in stock?

asked 1 year, 1 month ago
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on American Jerky Riblets Dog Treats
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