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PetAg Small Animal Bene-Bac (Beneficial Bacteria)

PetAg Small Animal Bene-Bac, beneficial bacteria
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Questions & Answers for PetAg PetAg Small Animal Bene-Bac (Beneficial Bacteria)


What is this suppost to do? wouldnt it make your pet fat?

asked 2 years, 8 months ago
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on PetAg Small Animal Bene-Bac (Beneficial Bacteria)
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probiotics won't make a pet fat. they're great for keeping a pet's digestive system running smoothly.

probiotics should *always* be given any time an animal is being treated with antibiotics, as antibiotics can kill off too much of the "good" bacteria in their digestive system (wait at least 2h after an antibiotics dose to give probiotics). probiotics are also recommended as a precaution when an animal is rehomed (or first brought home), when traveling with an animal or in any other situation that may be stressful for the animal.
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answered 1 year, 2 months ago
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San Antonio, TX
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