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Fiesta Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Food

Fiesta is the leading gourmet bird food for good reasonA premium mix of fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables and seeds from around the worldAvailable for all variety of birds in several sizes, Fiesta is the perfect all-around food for your bird
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balanced diet

Hello,l am about to buy a Sun Conure,it is a baby and weaned,my question is,the mixed seeds you have for sale,are they considered a balanced daily diet for a bird such as a Sun Conure and which would you recommend,the breeder uses your products but to make it stretch further she mixes it with a cheaper store bought brand,although l want to feed my bird the best possible foods available and was also wondering if l should feed a supplement in vitamin form,any assistance on this matter would be gratefully received regards Tom
asked 1 year, 3 months ago
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on Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Food
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Sun Conures should not be on a seed diet at all, it is too fatty and unhealthy for them. They should be on a pelleted diet supplemented with lots of fresh (washed and ideally organic) fruits and vegetables. (NEVER avocado - it's highly toxic.) If kept on all seed diets, they will die earlier than their projected lifespan due to liver disease caused by malnutrition and too much fat. (I speak from first-hand experience.) Try Roudybush or Harrison's pellets - they are the best brands. For a conure, choose relatively small-sized pellets to be sure that they are easily palatable for them.
answered 1 year, 3 months ago
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Washington, DC
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your description of the product clearly states product is in a resealable bag

The 25 lb version is NOT in a resealable bag. I had to store the seeds in several bins.
asked 11 months ago
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on Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Food
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