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Can You Use A Whisper Filter Cartridge For A TopFin Filter ?
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Marineland Marineland Bonded Filter Pads

Outperforms all other filter materialsFilters better and lasts much longerPorous and resilient enough to inhibit matting and allow filtration of all sizes of particulate matterCut to fit any filterMade in the USA
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Questions & Answers for Marineland Marineland Bonded Filter Pads


What are the dimensions? ( LxWxH)

asked 3 years, 5 months ago
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on Marineland Bonded Filter Pads
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The Marineland bonded filters are 312 square inches that can be cut to fit most filters. I cut 2 12 x 12 inch for my Pond Master pump & filter system. I rinse them off & can be used several times or thrown away.
answered 10 months ago
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Pensacola, Florida
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