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Red Barn Red Barn White Bones

White, cleaned beef femur bonesChewing these all natural treats helps keep your dog's teeth clean and encourages healthy chewingHollow bones in a variety of lengths can be stuffed with your dog's favorite filling
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Questions & Answers for Red Barn Red Barn White Bones


How safe are the white bones?

My dogs chew everything. The nyla bones splinter and have caused severe stomach issues. I want to make sure that this isn't going to happen with the white bones as well. I have heard of petrified bones that don't splinter but can't seem to locate them. Do you carry these???
asked 1 year, 11 months ago
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on Red Barn White Bones
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I have bought the white bones and they break off in sheets like a piece of shale or slate rock. Bones are just plain bad for domesticated dogs, any vet will tell you that. However, Antlers are safe for dogs and they have many health benefits, they don't splinter, they have vitamins and minerals, they don't stink and they will keep your dog entertained for days, weeks or months depending on the size of your dog and his or her chewing habits. I started buying Deer Antlers the very first time I read about them and my dog LOVES them. The are a naturally renewable product...the deer sheds their antlers annually so the animal is not harmed for the product...same for the Elk and Moose. My dog prefers the deer antlers, the elk are okay as long as I guy them split but moose is too soft for an aggressive chewer. They are a little pricier than bones but for the sake of the dogs health and the amount of time they last, they are worth every penny! When I first started buying them, you could only find them in specialty stores. Now you can find them all over. However, if you order from Petco, just be sure they send you the right size...they have issues with that in the particular brand "Prairie Dog Elk Split Antler Dog Chew" - I have ordered the Extra-Large twice and been sent the Large twice so I would avoid that particular brand. They do sell them in the store which would be a good way to test it out. I've been told that the darker the center, the more flavorful the antler...however, my dog has not proven nor dis-proven that theory yet. My dog is a 78 lb chewing machine. This is the first thing that has survived his chewing without hurting him or my house! Good Luck!
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answered 1 year, 11 months ago
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Chicago, IL
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