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Customer Questions & Answers for
Tomlyn Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for Dogs

Quality, high-calorie nutritionGreat for picky eatersPalatable dietary supplement in a great tasting gel
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Questions & Answers for Tomlyn Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for Dogs


Is this product good for dogs with diabetes?

Low in sugar/glucose?
asked 4 months, 4 weeks ago
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on Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for Dogs
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2 answers
answer 1
This is NOT low in sugar, so unless your veterinarian recommends it, we wouldn't use it for a diabetic dog.
answered 1 month ago
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StPaul, MN
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answer 2
I have a 16.5 year old small poodle who has diabetes. His weight of 15.5 lbs has dropped to ~ 9 lbs. He is a picky eater. The Vet recommended Nutri-Cal which he loves. He gets 2 tsp daily. The ist ingredient listed is sugar, so I assume it is one of the main ingredients. Per the Vet it is more important to regain the weight then be concerned about the diabetes. We just started so I'm not sure how this will play out.
answered 3 months, 2 weeks ago
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Is Nutrical safe for dogs with liver issues?

asked 3 years ago
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on Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for Dogs
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1 answer
answer 1
I would think so considering its just vitamins and minerals. We all need to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals because we do not get everything we need from our diet. We give them to cancer patients, immune suppressed patients, kidney failure patients and everyone in between.
Best Answer
answered 1 year, 4 months ago
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Bronx, NY
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